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With our vast network of products and installers, let's work together and irradicate your electric bill.


We work with Home and Business Owners to save them hundreds of dollars per month.

Home and business owners are the substance that keeps the solar industry alive and it is of upmost importance to treat every client as a pivotal participant in enabling us to have a career in solar, therefore, we protect our client’s solar investment to our fullest capability.

We understand that every household has different energy demand needs and we take this into account when customizing a system design that will meet the specifications of the specific client

People are often taken advantage of in this industry based on the lack of familiarity with various aspects of the solar industry including:

  • The terminology associated with products- what they are buying and how the installation process works

  • How the production of solar power is produced, used, billed and what they can expect from annual system performance

  • Who are reputable, qualified installers in your area that won’t take advantage of their customers

  • Misleading contracts make clients responsible for unforeseen charges and bills

We understand that answering these discrepancies without a full understanding of what your options are can be stressful, and we have formulated a process to make the investment in solar as effortless and stress-free as possible by utilizing our expertise and experience established by years of familiarity in the industry.

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"Best investment I've made in a long time! From start to finish they made the process quick and painless. They were there every step of the way, and was great at answering all of my questions and meeting expectations!"

Natalie A. | San Diego, CA


About Solar Advocacy Group

Years of experience installing and distributing solar products have made it clear that there are companies that give the solar industry a bad name through dishonest practices and misleading tactics that leave shortfalls for the homeowner for years to come.

Solar Advocacy Group is devotedly dedicated to simplifying the intricacies of the solar process by familiarizing clients with solar terminology and the installation process to allow them the ability to fully understand what they are purchasing and what to expect from their purchase as far as production to avoid becoming one of the countless victims of a bad solar investment.

Solar Advocacy Team


Never Worry About Your Energy Bill Again.

Whether you're a homeowner or business, we have the solutions you need.


We Secure the Best Prices with High Energy Production

We secure the best prices while being transparent. We make sure you fully understand your system and how much energy you will produce.


We Protect Your Investment

Our experienced and dedicated staff produce customized contracts to meet every requirement the homeowner needs to protect their investment and hold contractors accountable


Seamless, Worry-Free Experience

We’ll extend our vast network of products and experience in all aspects of the solar implementation process to create a seamless, worry free, experience.


What Clients Say About Us


Best investment I've made in a long time! From start to finish, the process was quick and painless. They were there every step of the way, and Andrew was great at answering all of my questions and meeting expectations. Solar Advocacy Group's products are fantastic, and their installers are exceptional.

Mary Goldman | La Mesa


I got 6 bids when I was shopping around for solar. These guys were the most passionate about their product, had the best warranty that I found, AND had the best price. Don't waste your time with other quotes as I did, Solar Advocacy Group is a no brainer.

Vincent Sanchez | La Jolla


Friendly, professional and quality all the way around. Top notch install, product, warranty, and service.

Kyle Miller | San Diego, CA


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With 10 years of experience, we've simplified the process and can help you save money on your energy bill.


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See how we liberated people just like you from paying high monthly energy bills. Being an intermediary allows the ability to provide unbiased opinions on the best option to create the solar system ideal for your home energy usage. In house financing options that allow you more freedom than any other solar lease or ppa in the business.


Plan & Design

We will walk you through our step by step process to make your solar buying experience as simple and worry free as possible. We will do an energy demand assessment to determine the amount of electrical usage that must be offset and lay out every option available while offering unbiased professional advice.


Working Together

Let our experience work for you with unmatched malleability job customization to balance your wants and offset your energy needs(In house counsel?) we work hand in hand with reliable products, engineers, contractors and installation teams to assure that you are taken care of every step of the way.

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