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Over 10 years of experience in the solar industry has provided me with a vast knowledge of the constantly advancing products, application of those products, as well as an established procurement network that allows my company access to a large variety of solar merchandise.

This established network brings in the combined experiences and credentials from countless solar professionals from all aspects of the industry to be work symbiotically with to bring best available products and services.  Beginning my professional solar career in 2010 working as a grant writer allowed me to establish a great understanding of the solar process as a whole and gave me a grateful introduction to the solar industry.

My genuine motivation to become more versed in the solar industry drove me to become a solar installer to further strengthen my foundation and depth of understanding of how solar was installed and what components were necessary to implement a functioning and aesthetically appealing solar system for both residential and commercial solar applications.

This background combined with a drive to help allowed us more direct access to an extensive assortment of manufacturers as well the opportunity to wholesale these products to other solar contracting companies. Working under the tutelage of Suacci and his C-10 electrical license provided me the opportunity to go beyond the parameters of strictly solar and delve into how solar correlated with electrical hookups and battery applications.

Certifications & Achievments

Network of Contractors

Network of contractors, engineers, product procurement access alongside our in house degrees and professional consulting experience.

Licenses & Certifications

College degrees, Certified C10, C46 Roofing and General Contractors

Historic Building in San Diego

Oversaw implementation of solar on the first historic building installation in downtown san diego

"Fantastic Service always. Andrew and crew get it done and are always professional. Thank you."

- Paul Billiard


Our vision

Years of experience in all aspects of the solar industry have provided us a clear vision of what it takes to implement a successful install at a reasonable price point.

Since we have established relationships throughout all aspects of the industry, we have established an extensive network that allows us access to countless resources throughout the industry.


Andrew Garrett

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